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Fully customized tours accompanied by overseas expansion consultants

Riding the wave of modern internationalization, there are more and more opportunities to hold conferences, visit business partners, and send inspection teams abroad. In this situation, we recommend the comprehensive tour support services of ensapce cebu.

Business tours abroad come with responsibilities and the uncertainty of being in an unfamiliar place. Our comprehensive tour support service is the perfect solution to alleviate such anxiety. We work with local travel agency partners in the Philippines to provide attentive and flexible services.

Our services cover a wide range of business tours, including corporate visits, factory tours, retreats, and joint project launches. ensapce cebu leverages local knowledge and expertise to support the success of your business tours and provide services tailored to your needs. We provide

To maximize your business opportunities abroad, we invite you to take advantage of ensapce cebu’s comprehensive tour support services.

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Why customers choose us

Design a business tour tailored to your needs

The tour will meet at the international airport in Cebu or Manila, where we will pick you up and begin the tour. Tours are designed in detail from a variety of tour templates based on the client's needs through a series of preliminary meetings, We can accommodate many requests, including company tours, factory tours, retreats, joint projects, and product tastings.

Build a business tour tailored to your industry

We have experience in planning projects for a variety of industries, and we can set up inspections, visits, and business meetings utilizing the network of enspace cebu, making it possible to conduct effective site inspections in a short period of time.

Past information provided by the accompanying consultant, including stories of failure

Our consultants will explain and answer your questions along the way about what you need to watch out for, not to mention the successes you will see.

Set up more practical interviews on site

The main destinations for inspection visits are local industrial parks, commercial facilities, Japanese companies operating in the area, local companies, etc. We will conduct preliminary research on companies that have the potential to partner with our clients, and make proposals on what we have picked up in advance.

Why customers choose us?

The startup industry in the Philippines is growing rapidly, benefiting from digitization and technological innovation. Many startups have emerged, especially in the areas of fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, and educational technology, offering innovative solutions to market needs. These companies are fueling innovation and growth through investment and funding from local and international venture capitalists, angel investors, and government assistance programs.

Innovation hubs and incubators exist in major cities such as Manila, Cebu, and Davao to support startups and technology companies, providing resources, networking opportunities, mentorship, and training programs. In addition, the Philippine government has implemented policies and programs to promote the growth of startups and technology companies, including tax incentives, providing and facilitating access to funding and services, and simplifying business processes.

On the educational front, institutions of higher education offer programs to train graduates in technology and entrepreneurship skills, helping to improve the quality and quantity of talent in the startup ecosystem. Digitalization and high Internet penetration are accelerating the adoption of online business and technology, creating numerous opportunities for startups.

Service Flow

Contact Us


Meeting for details


Estimate, provisional itinerary, contract, and payment


Submission of finalized itinerary


Inspection tours


Follow-up after returning home


Estimated Fees

The minimum number of participants is 2, and the approximate cost of our company’s attendance is 100,000 yen per person for 4 days, although it varies depending on the duration, industry, number of participants, and number of companies visited. (International airfare, excess alcohol charges, optional tours such as golf, etc. are not included.)


The Philippines is a tropical country, and tourism is a way to enjoy nature, the sea, and the mountains!
enspace cebu has recommended travel agencies, and members of enspace cebu are eligible for discounts, so please inquire at the enspace cebu counter.

Diving is especially recommended, and many of the staff at enspace cebu are divers. We have many divers on staff at enspace cebu! Please feel free to contact us!

The island of Cebu in the Philippines is a popular diving destination for divers from around the world due to its beautiful waters and abundant marine life. Some of the attractions of diving in Cebu include:

These factors combine to make Cebu an attractive destination for divers from around the world. The ability to explore the beautiful underwater world and encounter rare marine life is a major attraction of diving in Cebu.

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