enspace Cebu

Enrise Holdings Co., Ltd.

With the vision of "○○*DX*Glocal" (Glocal = Global As such, we are striving to develop the Japanese and Asian economies with the aim of realizing a more prosperous future.

Enrise Solution Co., Ltd.

As a company specializing in IT infrastructure technology, we develop and produce young, inexperienced human resources, while focusing on the two pillars of our system engineering department, which provides technical support for IT engineers, and our system integration department, which provides technical support for cloud computing.From consulting to We provide services and technologies that meet advanced customer needs, including maintenance and operation.

Enrise Tech Co., Ltd.

As a solution partner for managers and business managers in the DX area, we have the same perspective as management, focusing on two businesses: a solution business that develops DX services based on both IT outsourcing and BPO, and product development that involves in-house development. We aim to become DX professionals who stand on the ground, visualize issues and propose improvements, grow together with our customers, and create new value.

Enrise Relations Co., Ltd.

Focusing on DX implementation support for small and medium-sized businesses, we provide total support for PC-related tasks, not only for engineers but also for non-engineers. We support small and medium-sized enterprises that lack human resources with IT knowledge, from consulting services such as new business launches to platform development and engineer time sharing in the information systems department.

Encareer Co., Ltd.

Recruits and develops IT specialists, and develops HR product business. We propose the use of potential human resources in the IT field, propose matching events for new graduate recruitment, and provide individualized online courses and e-learning materials. In our new HR product development business, we have developed ``enjobs,'' an online resume for IT engineers, making it possible to use online resumes for free.


In Cebu Island, Philippines, we are promoting overseas expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises based on ICT by combining "IT engineer sharing for the purpose of utilizing foreign human resources" and "overseas expansion of our own services for the purpose of capturing the global market." Developing support business. We provide part-time software development support by Filipino engineers and operate "enspaceCebu" (shared office/coworking space).

Enter Co., Ltd.

"Business Card Ryohin'' offers overwhelmingly low prices and high printing quality. We handle over 100 types of paper and provide a wide range of services, including not only business cards but also shop cards and game cards, and are used by many customers, both individuals and corporations.

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