Do you have these problems?

  • I want to expand my business
    in Southeast Asia with less cost
  • Worried about whether we will be able
    to hire excellent local talent.
  • I want to start a business or a branch in the Philippines,
    but don't know where to start

Global Employment Outsourcing
can solve all these problems!

what’s GEO?Global Employment Outsourcing(GEO/EOR/PEO)


Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) is a service in which a company outsources employment-related tasks to a specialized external company. The GEO provider assumes legal responsibility as the employee's employer and acts as a risk-sharing agent.
This allows companies to ensure legal compliance while increasing flexibility.

Here are the other concerns:

  • I want to expand to the Philippines
    but it's not easy.
  • The initial cost in expanding
    overseas is too expensive!
  • We aim to delegate back-office operations
    so we can concentrate fully on our core business.
  • I worrry about language barrier,
    it's difficult to find multilingual specialist.
  • It's hard to hire the right people
    for the job.

solutionGEO Service
solves all the problems!

  • 法人の設立不要

    No need to establish a corporation

  • Can also provide a
    comfortable office to work in
    with no initial cost

  • Free from accounting and
    taxation worries that are
    different from those in Japan

  • Expert support for local
    recruitment and labor

  • Flexibility to expand
    or contract projects


  1. point01

    No corporate registration is required.
    Low-cost expansion into Southeast Asia.

    GEO services do not require the establishment of a representative office or corporation.
    Compared with conventional business development methods, it requires less effort and costs, and allows for rapid business development at low cost and low risk.

  2. point02

    To match the scale of business transformation
    Flexible allocation of necessary personnel

    Since the hired personnel are exclusive to the client, it is possible to accumulate and transfer knowledge and experience. We can also handle unique and highly confidential work that cannot be handled by outsourcing or laboratory type work.

  3. point03

    Payroll and human resource management can be outsourced
    Able to focus on their own business

    Back-office operations such as payroll and human resource management are also included, allowing clients to focus on their own business.

  4. point04

    Without sending staff from Japan
    Can be operated with only the best local personnel

    Recruitment of exclusive local personnel on behalf of the client. We can also handle unique and highly confidential work because it is conducted and handled by experienced recruiting professionals.

  5. point05

    Experienced consultants
    Risk reduction to advise

    Experienced consultants provide accurate information and advice to prevent labor problems and disputes.



  • Operated by an IT company!IT-based supportis provided

  • Multiple IT companiessupport

  • Co-working and rental office spaceavailable

  • Immediate consultation when you need help! 3 Japanese always on duty

  • Serving anywhere in the Philippineswith a focus on Cebu and Manila

  • Headquartered in Japan.Inquiries can be handled in Japan


  1. 01

    Discussion of
    personnel requirements

    Recruitment of exclusive local personnel on behalf of the client. We can also handle unique and highly confidential work because it is conducted and handled by experienced recruiting professionals.

  2. 02


    We will begin recruiting and conduct the entire process from document screening to interviews.
    Only candidates who pass the screening process will be set up for an interview with the client.

  3. 03

    Entry Process

    Sign employment contracts with candidates in accordance with local labor laws.
    We will support local OTJ, etc. at the start of operations.

  4. 04


    We can perform payroll calculations and payments and benefits as needed.
    We will carry out the following hiring and company formation according to your wishes.

caseCase Studies


You want to establish an overseas subsidiary company with a purpose of acquiring English (Filipino) personnel, but the risks are too great to take the first step.


Hired English (Filipino) personnel to save cost and time. We were able to try small by having them help with internal projects. As the company got on track, they decided to actually establish an overseas subsidiary.


Aiming to expand sales to English-speaking countries, but no one in the company is capable.


We successfully received an order from an English-speaking country by utilizing English-speaking (Filipino) personnel at a low initial cost. After sending a 20-something employee from Japan as a business leader, he became fluent in English in about six months and was thanked by the client, leading to continued orders for projects.


Enhance benefits package to improve retention of Japanese employees


English conversation classes for internal use were realized by utilizing English-speaking human resources. The company was able to make effective use of the facility as a work location for Japanese employees.


priceUsage Fee and Contract Period

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雇用代行・社員管理内容 雇用代行・社員管理内容

For more information, please contact us for a free consultation.
We will discuss in detail.

companyOperating Company

Operating Company ENRISE GLOBAL INC.
Location Cebu Base
Unit 1102 11th Floor Park Centrale Building, Jose Maria Del Mar St., IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Manila Base
23 Floor Tower 6789, 6789 Ayala Avenue, 1209 Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Establishment January 1, 2020
Capital Stock 10,400,000PHP
Representative Katsuhiro Ago
Business Overview Shared office and coworking business
Business Support
Global Employement Outsourcing
Affiliated Companies Enrise Holdings Corporation
Enrise Solutions, Inc.
Enrise Relations, Inc.
Enrise Tech Corporation
ENCAREER Corporation
enspace Corporation
Enter Co.
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company