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1st Tech Community Mixer in Cebu in partnership with The Graph PH

1st #TechNights co-organized by sphERA Solutions

Cebu is one of the major tech hubs in the Philippines, with a thriving tech community that is constantly growing. The city is home to a number of tech companies, startups, and organizations,

Tech Nights in Cebu, Philippines was a social gathering that brought together tech enthusiasts, innovators, and leaders. The event aimed to foster connections and collaborations among attendees from various tech communities.

Don, the Community Lead of The Graph Philippines in Cebu, introduced the concept of decentralized applications, sparking discussions on the challenges faced by tech communities, such as funding struggles and lack of community engagement.

The importance of diversity and inclusivity in tech was emphasized, along with strategies to achieve this. The event also generated conversations about future tech trends and resulted in the creation of a group chat for continued discussions and collaborations. Additionally, the organizers promoted an upcoming Web3 event in Cebu.

Sponsored and partnered by The Graph Philippines, this Tech meetup brought together members from GDG, Pizza Py, Web3 Cebu, ReactJS Cebu, Cebu Blockchain Group, Laravel Cebu, and Javascript Cebu. Everyone got a chance to step up, introduce themselves, and chat about their communities. 

This event is also co-organized by sphERA Solutions, Cebu’s 1st Tech Community-focused Event planners and powered by enspace Cebu.

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