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12月17日(日)に開催されたDAREDEMO HEROのクリスマス会に参加してきましたので、そのレポートをお届けいたします。 DAREDEMO HEROとは? DAREDEMO HEROは「Everybody can be a hero」をテーマに、貧困問題解決に向けて活動をしている認定N P O法人です。貧困問題の根本解決として、主に「奨学生に対する支援」、「地域支援」、「文化交流」と3つの取り組みを行っています。やる気、志と能力が高いにも関わらず、貧困が故に学び続けることができない子供達を、夢の実現まで支援しており、奨学生のひとりはパイロットになるという夢を叶えるため、アメリカの航空学校に留学しているという方もいらっしゃいます。 クリスマス会 クリスマスはフィリピンの方々にとってとても重要なイベントに位置づけられています。DAREDEMO HEROの子供たちもクリスマス会に向けてダンスや歌の練習をしており、皆な笑顔でクリスマス会の出し物を披露していたのが印象的でした。日々夢に向かって勉学に励み、クリスマス会を全力で楽しむ姿は、心が温かくなりました。 まとめ 私たちの事業活動や社外での取り組みを通じて、少しでもフィリピンの社会に貢献できるよう、精進してまいります。 enspace Cebuでは、DAREDEMO HEROの活動を応援しています。気になる方は日本人スタッフまでお問い合わせください。

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Solana Community Meetup [Bahay Ni SOL]

BUILDING BLOKCS is the flagship community event of The BLOKC happening in Cebu! We are inviting you join our First Meetup in Cebu on October 29, 2023, 5pm-9pm at enspace Cebu. This community event is in partnership with enspace Cebu, Web3 Cebu Community and sphERA solutions and made possible by The BLOKC. What you’ll get

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1st Tech Community Mixer in Cebu

1st #TechNights in partnership with The Graph Philippines Tech Nights in Cebu, Philippines was a social gathering that brought together tech enthusiasts, innovators, and leaders. The event aimed to foster connections and collaborations among attendees from various tech communities. Don, the Community Lead of The Graph Philippines in Cebu, introduced the concept of decentralized applications,

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Japanese-English Exchange in Cebu

Japanese-English Exchange (JEE) Cebu is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a community for Japanese and English learners to practice their language skills in a fun and supportive environment. Here are some of the benefits of joining the JEE community: The JEE community organizes a variety of meetups and events throughout the year, including:

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From Brand Zero to Digital Hero (Marketing Bootcamp)

Event Partner: enspace Cebu In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for the success of any brand or business. Traditional marketing strategies are no longer enough to capture the attention of your target audience. To thrive in the competitive digital landscape, you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge and

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1st Tech Community Mixer in Cebu in partnership with The Graph PH

1st #TechNights co-organized by sphERA Solutions Cebu is one of the major tech hubs in the Philippines, with a thriving tech community that is constantly growing. The city is home to a number of tech companies, startups, and organizations, Tech Nights in Cebu, Philippines was a social gathering that brought together tech enthusiasts, innovators, and

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