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How to Register your Business in Cebu City?

(セブでビジネスを登録するには?) Your Step by Step guide and requirements to registering your business. Cebu City is one of the fastest-growing cities in the Philippines. The city has a strong economy and a skilled workforce, which makes it an attractive location for businesses. Some of the factors that are driving business growth in Cebu City include: As

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Solana Community Meetup [Bahay Ni SOL]

BUILDING BLOKCS is the flagship community event of The BLOKC happening in Cebu! We are inviting you join our First Meetup in Cebu on October 29, 2023, 5pm-9pm at enspace Cebu. This community event is in partnership with enspace Cebu, Web3 Cebu Community and sphERA solutions and made possible by The BLOKC. What you’ll get

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1st Tech Community Mixer in Cebu

1st #TechNights in partnership with The Graph Philippines Tech Nights in Cebu, Philippines was a social gathering that brought together tech enthusiasts, innovators, and leaders. The event aimed to foster connections and collaborations among attendees from various tech communities. Don, the Community Lead of The Graph Philippines in Cebu, introduced the concept of decentralized applications,

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